Haven Life Insurance: Only 20 Minutes to Digital Insurance With Haven Life

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Traditionally, applying for life insurance is a pain. Many companies require medical exams, forcing you to set valuable time aside for a visit. Then there’s the paperwork, which takes even more time to fill out, review and submit. After that, you have to sit patiently, waiting and waiting for approval.

Haven Life is changing that concept completely. Instead of taking up your time filling out forms and scheduling doctor’s appointments, you supply the team with information via the website and your application gets reviewed immediately.

Haven Life Insurance Review

Haven Life insurance is changing the way people purchase insurance. The beauty of the system is its focus on term life insurance. Since the company only offers a single product, it can simplify the application process so it takes as little as 20 minutes to complete.

Term life insurance grants your beneficiaries a payout if death occurs within the specified time window. Since coverage doesn’t last the entire length of your life, premiums can be substantially lower and Haven Life keeps the application uncomplicated by a multitude of options. This allows for the ability to provide you with an instant quote and approval just as quickly.

Haven Life Insurance Benefits

1. Terms of Endearment

Backed by Mass Mutual, an institution with over 160 years of experience, Haven Life brings you excellent and affordable term life insurance quickly. The site guides you through multiple options of standard 10-, 14-, 20- or 30-year plan lengths with coverage up to $3 million. No matter the plan, you’ll have a fixed monthly fee for the duration.

A 35-year-old woman in good health filling out an application can potentially qualify for the following:

  • A 10-year policy with a premium of $300,000 for $14.22 per month
  • A 20-year policy with a premium of $750,000 for $36.53 per month
  • A 30-year policy with a premium of $500,000 for $41.86 per month.

After the term completes, you can renew the same policy but at a new monthly cost. The firm also offers an accelerated death benefit as a rider, keeping you or your loved ones safe in the case of a terminal illness.

2. Quick Communication

Haven Life offers coverage the same day you’re approved. The application process is simple, and with the ability to buy on your phone, tablet or computer, you can start wherever and whenever you choose. After a few simple questions, you need only wait for approval, which can take as little as 20 minutes.

If you ever have any questions about your policy, the friendly customer assistance team is ready to help via call, chat or email. Since Haven Life is technologically forward by providing digital life insurance, changing beneficiaries or making adjustments to your policy is easily accomplished on the website or by phone. Claims are quickly taken by phone and a representative will personally handle the case.

No one wants to shop for life insurance, and most companies haven’t made the process any easier. From too much paperwork to scheduling physicals, it can be a long, anxiety-inducing nightmare. Choose Haven Life so you don’t waste hours applying for insurance and can spend more time living.

Simplify Insurance With Haven Life

It’s never easy to shop for life insurance. Grim implications aside, applying takes mountains of forms and usually requires a physical examination. That’s the time that no one wants to waste, even if it’s for something everyone knows has value. Haven Life is changing that process for the better.

Dedicated to alleviating the stress associated with purchasing insurance, the company takes the application method and turn it on its head. Instead of hours of paperwork, you only have to answer a few simple questions to get things moving. Younger applicants can even forego the traditional physical screening and have the process completed and approved in as little as 20 minutes.

Haven Life is able to accomplish this by offering purely term-based digital life insurance. Term life plans offer coverage for a specific amount of time, from as little as 10 years to as long as 30. Premiums are based on term length, physical health and total coverage, which is offered up to a staggering $3,000,000.

Applicants simply enter a little basic information to get started. For example, a 29-year-old nonsmoking woman in excellent health can get coverage of $500,000 for under $27 a month. Any customer can get an instant quote, and after approval, coverage becomes available that very day.

Haven Life understands that you want to spend less time worrying about what happens at the end and more time focused on today. Start your application process now and get back to living life quickly, knowing the future is secure.

Haven Life Insurance


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Customer Service


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  • Haven Life offers a quick turnaround by accessing data and using an algorithm and artificial intelligence to instantly evaluate applicants.
  • Healthy applicants up to age 59 can qualify for up to $1 million in coverage that starts right away. Some won’t be required to have a medical exam at all.


  • Some customers who are required to take a medical exam won’t be approved for temporary coverage before the exam results are in.
Brian Meiggs
Brian Meiggs
Brian is the chief editor of SavingWiki and is a personal finance expert who has spent the last few years writing about how Millennials can make smarter money moves. He has been fortunate enough to have appeared in several online publications, including Yahoo! Finance, NASDAQ, MSN Money, AOL, Discover Bank, GOBankingRates, and more. He is also diversifying his portfolio by adding a little bit of real estate. But not rental homes, because he doesn't want a second job, it's diversified small investments in hands off real estate investing via an app called Fundrise.


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